Heading to Frisco !

Introduction first

My name is Antoine, 24 years old, born and raised near Brussels, Belgium.

Recently graduated in PR and Communication, I only have a few experiences in the digital marketing world.
I’ve been on the internet for more than ten years without producing anything else than short messages, quick pictures or videos.

When I’m not watching TV shows or browsing social media (which I should avoid), I do music production, DJing and play with motion graphics videos. I used to do a bit of film editing and recently got me a mirrorless hybrid camera to shoot images properly.


Away from home for the first time

It took a few months to prepare the trip, but here I am. On April 19th I’m going to San Francisco for 4 months.
I’m really excited about this since I never left Europe in my entire life, not even been away from home for more than 2 weeks.

It was quite a big step but everything went as planned: This spring, I’m moving to the city by the bay as a digital marketing intern. My tasks will be to attend live events and create original copy and content on social media about it. I can’t wait to be there and start this job.

Only a few days left to wait.The suitcase is packed, the hostel booked and permanent housing already found thanks to the internet magic.

I leave you on this :

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