Exploring the city – Part one

Holy breakfast

After 2 days in the city, I decided to wake up earlier than usual to spend time on this blog (jetlag helped a lot). I’m currently in a Starbucks eating a sausage cheddar & egg sandwich, drinking a tiramisu latte.

The cashiers are all adorable and even spelled my name right twice in a row. Let’s review my arrival in San Francisco

You can’t fight the jetlag

We’ll skip the departure and the flight from Brussels to Dublin. As soon as I arrived in Dublin, it was straightforward to get my boarding pass to San Francisco into the connection flights’s area. That was before the “american clearance”.

During the flight, my new Bose QC25 were, let’s say it, priceless. I was far from being the only Bose wearer in the plane. The meal was good (Tikka massala chicken) and the time flew as fast as the plane, switching between sleep, movies and music production. Furthermore, the seat next to me was empty (aaaw yeah, I could pee whenever I wanted and could use the space for my belongings).


I finally arrived, exhausted and riding the Bart shuttle to downtown San Francisco. I’ve read a lot of things about SF micro climate (cfr article pitch), this isn’t a myth. The sun was shining in the first place and as soon as we were heading north, it faded and faded. Hopefully, I had a jacket with me.

Afer I took the BART, the hostel crew welcomed me, helping me carrying my bags. My stay here is really great so far ! It’s clean, you meet uber friendly people, it’s well located, you have a big locker for your belongings.
It almost feels like home when you come back after a day of work.
If you’re going to San Francisco be sure to wear some flowers… be sure to stay at Pacific Tradewinds hostel

512, 2nd Street, San francisco CA

After a sleepless night, I left my hostel to meet my coworkers in South of Market for my first day of work.
I was walking Montgomery/2nd street to this :

The office is as expected : a modern loft filled with desks and conference rooms. I was surprised by the ping pong table and Porter, the office dog (adorable, male, doesn’t bark, my kind of dog)


Ben, the Digital Marketing Manager (a.k.a my supervisor) told me everything I need to know to be able to do the job by myself. Blog & Social Media bibles are pretty much straightforward. Afterwards, He took me to lunch in the Brickhouse, a burger place in SOMA. Needless to say I ordered the SOMA Burger (advocadoes, caramel, mushrooms)

I’m kind of confused by the way people work in the openspace: although my coworkers sit in front of me, we use google chat/hangouts to communicate with each other, which is quite, let’s say it, awkward but efficient.
I’m currently gathering ideas for original blog posts and contacting PR/press people to get in show I wanna cover (I just sent an email to Pendulum’s management, kinda excited !)

I still get to do a bit of exercise

Later this day I climbed over Chinatown to take a few shots of the hills. I let you appreciate.



See you in a few days

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