Exploring the City – Part Two

It’s been a week since I left Brussels to San Francisco.
Here’s a quick overview of what I’ve been doing in this wonderful city.

Fashion in SF

I decided to leave Belgium with 3 tshirts, a pair of shoes, 2 pair of pants.I was goddamn right.
On Market Street, you can find a lot of stores, especially in the Westfield mall. The New Era shop was too sexy not to enter. With the eventseeker merch, you don’t even need to go shopping : shades, tshirt, bottle opener, tote bag and a wonderful Patagonia custom jacket (great for windy evenings in SF) I bought two hats since I hadn’t brought any(Warriors and Giants, the local basketball and baseball team).


With two frenchies (Anne-Cha & Thomas) I met at the hostel, we went to Berkeley (Go Bears) see the university campus. Found myself a nice sweatshirt with… a bear ! The football stadium is impressive. It can be filled with up to 73 000 people. College football/sports is big in the US.
Then we went walking around the frat houses and stopped to eat in a sport bar. Wicked !


Eating in SF

I’ve never been a good cook. (Big up to my former roommates ^^). San Francisco has a lot to offer when it comes to food. I paid a visit to, in chronological order: Subway (how original…), a weird Chinese fast food, a pizzeria, Panda Express (love), El Farolito (burrito place in the Mission, love), Burger in&out, the brickhouse (avocado burger, love). Hopefully, there’s a Safeway & Trader’s Joe close to where I live (I’d rather keep money to travel than eating). Here’s an Avocado Burger I ate in Berkeley the other day.


San Francisco Bay, past Pier 39

In SF, I’ve already been to hipsterlandia, gaylandia and touristlandia (we’ll cover the first two later).
Last Friday, I walked to Fisherman’s Wharf and the well known Pier 39.There were sea lions, families with kids, shops and tourist shops. Afterwards, I walked back Colombus Ave around Russian Hill, saw the famous Lombard Street and some more hilly streets



Valencia Street/Hipsterparadise & The Castro/LGBTland

We walked through the Mission district (where I live now), Dolores Park and The Castro on Saturday afternoon.
The park is a bit weird. Although you get a stunning view on San Francisco, Families/kids are mixed with drug addicts and homeless.In the Mission, you get to see a lot of beautiful victorian houses and wall painting. On Valencia Street, we found record stores, trendy shops.

After an hour of hill climbing, we finally arrived to the Castro, well known for being the home of the LGBT community. There’s a small cookie store, which is divine. Later that day, I went to my first ever show in SF, at F8 Folsom. You can read the full review here.




Sunday at the Golden Gate Park

At F8 Folsom (the venue where I was covering my first show), I met two girls (Alice & Karen) who invited me for a picnic at the Golden Gate Park. I took a bus to Haight Ashbury, then walked for a bit and arrived in front of the White Botanical Garden. Took great shots:




That’s it guys. See you next week. You can see more picture here

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