Back to basics

I’ve been back in the City for a week now. Nothing changed but my approach, thanks to the people I met a few months earlier.

Day one

DSC04302 2.jpg

Last Thursday at the airport, I knew I had to hop on BART to join my hotel, add fares on my clipper, etc. A check in and a power nap later, it was already time to meet my Shui Hua. I waited for her in a Starbucks with a lot of excitement. We grabbed dinner, came back to the hotel and I already had other plans.

Because I knew I was going to be like a zombie but still couldn’t sleep, I purchased tickets for Gesaffelstein at 1015 Folsom. No press of photo pass this time, just a night out with my friends Jacqueline and Nathalie (that sounds way too French to me ). Maybe the recent Paris attacks affected him, but I was disappointed by the quality of the set Gesaffelstein delivered. He came in 40 minutes late and I left a but before 2 to go back to the hotel.

Day 2

I woke up way too early due to a hot plumbery in the room and jetlag/ body clock issues. I went to explore North Beach,  closed my Bank of America account (until next time ? )to have dim sum in a typical Chinatown restaurant ( hopefully with a native speaker to order for me <3).

In the afternoon, we hung out at Union Square ( where they just set up an ice rink and a huge Christmas tree) with a delicious milk tea from Asha. After nap time, we were heading to Japantown for a classic Shabu Shabu ( Nippon fondue ). I met Pat ( Ashley’s friend ) and we had a couple of beers watching Heroes Reborn in the heart of the Fillmore.

Day 3


As you may know, I have lived in the Mission district for more than 3 months. One of my favourite places to hangout and enjoy the San Franciscan weather remains Dolores Park. Be it to  enjoy an Ice cold IPA, listening to music or party with friends on the Pride weekend. We spent the afternoon there with Shui Hua, Jacqueline and her friend Matt, ( and IPA’s). Before that, I had the best burrito in the world at la Taqueria. The first bite gave me goosebumps all over my body, the smell brought back so many images and memories.


That same Saturday, I had something scheduled for a long time: My friend Alice’s 27th birthday.If you don’t recall, she the first person I met outside of my coworkers and hostel buddies. One week after my arrival in April 2015, she had already invited me for a picnic at the Golden Gate Park. We went to quite a few places together. That Saturday, I brought her belgian’s finest chocolate and a bottle of wine. Dinner was at a Chinese restaurant with a lot of dishes. I also had the chance to see my friend Karen ( Alice’s cousin) whom I went to Hard Summer with back in August. I couldn’t really hide how tired I was. I still went to karaoke before going to sleep.

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