Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving day

DSC04527 2To start the day, i had the best breakfast deal I could find: All you can eat pancakes for 1$ at Pacific Tradewinds. What a great way to leave the place.

My belly full and my suitcase packed, I was ready to hop on the bus to reach the motel in which we were supposed to spend the last four days.
Once I was there, there seemed there was an issue with my credit card being pre-authorized. They sent us to another motel, same rates, same standing in Soma (Civic Center Area) with free breakfast. They even paid for the taxi. For 60$ a night, those hotels are hidden gems in San Fran.

After I dropped my suitcase in Soma, I had Thanksgiving lunch with three Taiwanese girls at Mels, a typical american dinner. Since I’m currently on a diet, seeing this is really painful.
DSC04526 2.jpg

We checked in for good around 5 pm, took a nap and got ready for a Thanksgiving dinner with Ashley on the Embarcadero. After a glass of Prosecco, we had the turkey with everything included.

After dinner, we hopped on a tramway to experience the madness of the (early) Black Friday. The bluetooth speaker I wanted wasn’t on sale at Best Buy, neither could Ashley find her lens. We came back exhausted to our hotel.

Day 9 – Black Friday

I witnessed the ultimate consumerism demonstration: the Black Friday. We started with the Westfield Mall around 11, when we saw that both Pacsun & Abercrombie had the entire store on sale until noon. (Well, that was before they put the sign “extended” the day after). I stayed strong since my funds were limited. I only bought a parka I liked. I was kinda tired of this crowd.

We went further north on Union Square, nothing to buy until we reached the top of the Macy’s building. We had lunch at the King of fried noodles, one of the very first places where Ashley and I had lunch together back in June. In the afternoon, we came back to the hotel with tired feet (especially me).


Early evening, we hopped on the N train to eat the famous fried chicken from San Tung. People who worship the restaurant’s fried chicken hardly exaggerate. It’s delicious. We had to wait for a bit, since they don’t take reservations.

Day 10 – The Marina DistrictDSC04536 2-2.jpg

An area I never had the chance to really explore in 4 months was the Marina district and its most famous gem :  The Palace of Fine Arts. It’s a beautiful, antique-style, theatre. The sun was really strong. We witnessed a proposal, a Shiba Inu and went further to Crissy Field next to the beach, with a view on the Golden Gate bridge.

DSC04613 2DSC04598 2.jpg

Afterwards, we stopped in the Marina for coffee and cookies, picked our stuff at Ashley’s in SoMa, checked in at the Inn on Broadway and finally had dinner in a Japanese restaurant close by, in Pacific Heights.

Day 11 – Pacific Heights / Mission / Castro

DSC04657 2
I’ve always said : I want to see Mrs Doubtfire house before I leave San Francisco. I finally did.
It looks way smaller than in the movie, especially when they throw a party in the house with the mobile zoo. There were also messages to Robin Williams, may he rest in peace, written on the stones around the trees.

Pacific heights seems to be one of the wealthiest residential areas in the city. That’s where I’d like to live if I had money/was american. Hilly streets, beautiful victorian house, more of them, and a breathtaking view on the Bay

DSC04645 2.jpg

After 20 minutes in the Fillmore bus, we arrived on Valencia street for one last taste of Mexican food. The taqueria El Buen Sabor was the closest and tastiest close to Dolores Park (where the weather wasn’t as nice as the week before). We walked around, had a Milk Tea at Boba Guys and left to the Castro after seing some of those beautiful murals

DSC04676 2DSC04699 2

That was it, an affordable homemade restaurant and a walk on Union Square later, this was the end of my second San Francisco trip. I’ll be back.


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