Day One

We arrived at the aiport with a slight delay, due to unforeseen circumstances. After an hour drive using bus and metro, we finally got to our appartment at 3pm. Since we had been running all day long, the best option for a sightseeing was obviously the thermal baths. We went to Szechenyi, which are the most famous and include an impressive set of warm outdoor pools.

Afterwards, we took the metro line to the center, in order to eat at a Hungarian restaurant, Vakvarju. This one was advised by my friend Mattyas, whom I met during my erasmus exchange in Leuven. The food was reallly good, the service excellent despite the 10 minutes wait and the price more than reasonnable (to not say insanely cheap for a two course meal with drinks). I used my last ressources to have drinks with that same friend at Szimpla (famous beer garden) and then to another bar.

Day two

This was our only entire day that wasn’t disrupted by travel. We could plan it fully. We first took the tramway from the appartment to the Danube to admire the Parliament and a mindblowing view of the Buda Heights. We then went explore downtown, its Christmas Market and St Stephens Basilic.

After Lunch, we took a bus to get to Buda Heights to see the castle and the reversed view on Pest side. As the sun was going down, we could admire the Parliament, illuminated at night. In the evening, we had street food in the center, as well as a drink at Szimpla, since Ashley’s wasn’t there the night before.

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