Celebrating New Years Eve in Paris might be or not be the best idea we had. Anyway, I’m not paranoid at all, even despite the recent attacks. We have a solid tourist schedule on day one and a more relaxing day on New Years day. If it wasn’t for Ashley, I don’t think I would have been back that early (considering that I’ll take another Thalys two weeks later for a VJ show.

Last time I went was in November, precisely one week before the attacks. I didn’t notice extra security measures this time when boarding the train, even though I thought there would be (like in the Eurostar).

We stayed in a tiny hotel close to the East Station. Both days were really busy since we only had two days and it was Ashley’s first time. We started with the Louvre museum and its gardens. During the afternoon, we walked around, went to the Lafayette Galleries and its rooftop, before going to the Trocadero to see the unavoidable Eiffel Tower, coming with a free 2 hour line and airport security check. The view was all worth it. We then had a NYE menu not far from there and headed to the champs elysees to witness the countdown, amputated from its fireworks in regards of the recents attacks.

Second day was slightly more relaxing. We went to Montmarte, inside the Sacre Coeur and reached the Tertre plaza. We went downstairs, got Ashley some candies and headed towards the Champs elysees, which we only briefly saw the night before. There was a parade and a lot of shops open

I finished to write this post more than four months after I originally started it. It sounds really descriptive and not entertaining at all. At least you still have the pictures. Think of it as a diary.


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