New York City

After editing a few pictures on the go and gathering video footages, I finally found the time to stick to a schedule, and write about this trip before its details become erased. I wrote in the moment during my two first weeks in SF and its so delightful to read again. Anyway, here we’re one month late. Welcome to New York City.

This city has fascinated me for years. It didn’t end up being as magical as I thought because I didn’t discover it together with the American culture, which I became familiar with on the west coast. Plus, travelling isn’t the same as living, I still don’t don’t if I would fall in love with NYC. Probably not as much as SF and its human size, climate, architecture and music scene.
This trip started in JFK international. One Airtrain and two wrong subway directions later, we got to Red Hook, Brooklyn where the hotel I booked was. It was an Inn, so it was basically a lot of space in the rooms, industrial breakfast & ice vending machines. We had a great deal on it ( about 65$ a night) but otherwise I would rather stay elsewhere in Brooklyn, since Red Hook is not really convenient in public transport.

This time, I won’t go chronologically, because I would have a hard time remembering everything as it precisely was. I’ll just go with some thoughts about the city, sights and food. Speaking of which, pizzas are really worth it. Just Yelp around and you won’t be disappointed. 



The subway lines in NYC are still an enigma to me. You need to pay attention to figure out the directions, whether line are express, and if they are temporarily rerouted. Try all this without data. Good luck. You’ll get used to it. Anyway, the first stop outside of Brooklyn was lower Manhattan, the 9/11 memorial and its 2 huge thoughtful pools, which lef the space to a new skyline. It makes me think: do all the tourist item as had to be replaced 15 years ago ? I remember exiting the metro station on the first day, still getting goosebumps from this height, images from 5000 days of summer, King Kong and Spider-Man came into mind. The same kind of feeling as in Montgomery St, San Francisco.


Then there was Wallstreet, Battery Park, to end up in Soho. Later that week, I went the highest I’ve ever been (Empire State) for a few shots, hopefully with still a bit of light. Going to NYC and not experience it like a local during 2 entire months is really frustrating. You want to know the best kept secrets, the hypes the places, but it’s mostly gonna be sights and quickly yelped restaurant, while staying in a hotel. Although I don’t think an Airbnb would have made any difference, since you are still subject to this tourist schedule. 

Anyway, Time Square was still impressive, tourist or not, and so was the Brooklyn Bridge at night . Note to self: don’t go there during the day. And don’t go to one of the famous rooftop at night. Unless you like standing in line. Other highlights include the High Line ( old train tracks transformed into a walk/market.Speaking of the boroughs, some of them have a real identify, Harlem and its Afro-American, upper East Side and the Wealthy. Williamsburgh ( Brooklyn )and the hype.



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