I want to become a Digital Nomad

It’s been a few months since I last wrote something here. I changed the name of my blog and I’m gonna try to focus on a few aspects. For the record, it all started from a personal blog to document my early adventures in San Francisco, California.

Now, it is a travel blog, focused on the practical aspect of things. It’s aimed to share experiences and tips with tech-savvy, open-minded people like you.

Transit is where you have time to kill, waiting for your connection flight and using the airport’s terminal wifi. You’ll relax watching movies

How I came up with the idea ?

I landed my first full time job a year ago now. My lifestyle hasn’t changed much, except than I can take a lot more decisions on my own, like going on short trips and buying useful gadgets. Thanks to a certain flexibility, I can take long weekends by doing extra hours the week before. I can even work remotely in some situations. All this without paid holidays.

There is one thing though: the 9-to-5 work/life balance doesn’t suit me 100%. It’s even more frustrating since my job doesn’t really require to be physically in the office. I work in Social Media, which also has  an important customer service part. I first assumed that I needed more experience before being able to freelance. Now I feel like I gained autonomy in my daily tasks and it’s time for another challenge.

I recently came across video channels, blogs and ressources that promote the digital nomad lifestyle. Combining freelance work for clients & personal projects seems the way to go to keep paying rent, eating and discovering new places at the same time. But what about the practical side ? I’m wondering what’s it’s like to find short term rentals or spend the day in coworking spaces.

What I intend to do ?

After my first internship abroad, it opened up my horizons on what I want to do and where I want to live in the future. As a young PR/Marketing professional, getting a “skilled worker” visa in the US wasn’t really an option (yet). This route sounded so promising and I was even ready to sacrifice everything to go back to this life, even for an underpaid internship in the most expensive American city.The most pragmatic option to get there is actually the following :

  • Find a position that encourages telecommuting
  • Build up enough experience to go freelance
  • Develop your own content marketing or consultancy business

As I am still a junior and can’t monetize my own projects yet, I’m gonna try to go for the two first options. It’s also the one that gives the most financial safety.

I am 25 years old, I live in an era where the world is instantly connected and my field of work only requires a computer. I would die with regrets if I don’t try this route. If I land a social media position where working remotely is possible, the first bet is already won.

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