First Steps in The Eastern World – Video review

I came back from my trip 2 weeks ago and took the time to edit a video. Here’s what my trip from Taipei to Tokyo looked like:

Capturing the moment

As an amateur photographer, I tried to also capture short videos sequences in order to edit a movie. Even though I shot enough sequences, I didn’t have my camera the whole time with me, especially at night in Tokyo when I had planned a night out. Close to the end of the trip, I purchased a portrait lens with integrated image stabilisation.

Speaking of this, I wished my movie had more portraits and close ups, but it seemed too intrusive to me, especially in street photography. So I rather stick to pictures. My next video will definitely include more faces as shooting traffic doesn’t really transmit emotions. Include live sound through an external microphone is also something I should do. Not a simple editing with music but a real short documentary.

On the other hand, a trip is also made to be enjoyed in the moment, not spent behind a viewfinder. As I’m just a guy with a compact mirrorless camera in his backpack, I tried to enjoy experiences for themselves and captured things with my eyes instead of my camera from time to time.

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