Da Nian Chu Yi : Meal, Night market, temple and fireworks in Taichung.

The third day of Chinese New Year, we headed south to visit Hsiao-Ching extended family in Taichung’s countryside. In short, we had another meal, went to the temple and spent hours in the night market in Daija. Food marathon It was pretty much a remake of last Friday’s meal, with more surprises as more peopleContinue reading “Da Nian Chu Yi : Meal, Night market, temple and fireworks in Taichung.”

A journey to the East of Taiwan

The second day of Chinese New Year is to move around the country and pay the extended family a visit. This is not exactly what we did,  but we still went on a journey to Shifen, Raifung and Houtong. First stop : Raifung There was an hour layover to our final destination. In the meantime,Continue reading “A journey to the East of Taiwan”

“Xin Nian Kuai Le”

This is “Happy New Near in Mandarin”. This ritual takes a few days and taught me core values of Taiwanese families: being surrounded by your loved ones, wealth, health and a journey to accomplish these wishes. Morning in Taipei, evening in Taoyuan I was invited by Hsiao-Ching to join her family in Taoyuan, a cityContinue reading ““Xin Nian Kuai Le””

10 items to survive a long-haul flight

I won’t pretend I’m a professional traveler, neither a frequent flyer. But I’ve been on enough long-haul flights to share my tips and tricks on the subject. Here’s the long-haul flight survival kit ! Bags What you will carry on depends on your destination and the length of your stay. I start from the factContinue reading “10 items to survive a long-haul flight”