Some thoughts on productivity and self motivation

Back in February 2018, I left a full time job to chase my dreams. By doing this, I have become somewhat happier: I live a more exciting life and have more time for my creative hobbies that give my life a purpose. The problem is that I still have a hard time to focus onContinue reading “Some thoughts on productivity and self motivation”

5 ways to travel cheap in Japan

That’s not a secret, Japan is less affordable than its southern neighbors. I have visited to the Land of the Rising Sun twice and discovered the city life in Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo.Here are my 5 tips to lower down the bill, based on my experience exploring urban areas. 1. Transportation This is probably theContinue reading “5 ways to travel cheap in Japan”

5 reasons to spend a month in Vietnam

Spending a holiday in Vietnam is great! Culture, people, food, weather: it has it all. But this South East Asian country also deserves a shot as a short term resident. Here’s why: 1. The convenience of eating out This is obviously reason n°1. Probably because I can’t cook anything else than pasta’s and that I’mContinue reading “5 reasons to spend a month in Vietnam”

3 Food Moments in Taiwan

I love eating out and discovering new flavors. Especially when the settings are right. Actually, there’s no better moment for this than when I’m travelling, because the whole experience that surrounds the dishes makes the moment unforgettable. Oyster Noodles in Taitung We arrived late at night the previous day in Taitung (pronounce Tai-Dong). We spentContinue reading “3 Food Moments in Taiwan”

First Steps in The Eastern World – Video review

I came back from my trip 2 weeks ago and took the time to edit a video. Here’s what my trip from Taipei to Tokyo looked like: Capturing the moment As an amateur photographer, I tried to also capture short videos sequences in order to edit a movie. Even though I shot enough sequences, IContinue reading “First Steps in The Eastern World – Video review”

Japan Part two : Tokyo

Tokyo contrasts with Osaka and especially Taiwan in many ways. This was 6 days as a “gaijin” in Tokyo. No chronological journal this time, but a list of thoughts. Big city life and cultural habits I could start by saying that Tokyo is crowded, that people walk on the left side of the sidewalk, smokeContinue reading “Japan Part two : Tokyo”

Japan part one : Osaka & Kyoto

Guess what ? I’m writing from the transit area. Well technically it isn’t since it’s a domestic flight. Anyway, lets review my very first days in Japan. Late arrival in Namba I had planned to take the shuttle as soon as i got off the plane. Passport: check, customs, check (the lady didnt know whatContinue reading “Japan part one : Osaka & Kyoto”